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Taylor is one of the unseen cats in the Lane household mentioned in The Daria Database and with its presumed brother Zachary, appear to be named for US President Zachary Taylor. Several fanfiction authors have used these cats in stories, often for comedic purposes.

Fanfic Portrayals[edit]

In the John Lane Series, Taylor is a gray-striped short-hair.

In Brother Grimace's Paws Force Power Rangers stories for 'Fandemonium!', Taylor is a Blue Point Siamese that, unlike most cats, loves water and enjoys splashing around in pools and other bodies of water, as he can swim quite well. Like his brother, Taylor also makes an appearance in the 'Judith Strikes!' fic 'Cat Scratch Fever'.

In the Apathymorphs series Taylor is notable as the first animal that Jane (or any of her teammates) morphs into.

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