Robert Bakeson

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Introduced in Brother Grimace's It's All About Respect, Robert Bakeson was Kyle Armalin's immediate supervisor in DELPHI, the covert intelligence organization for which Kyle acts as a Special Assignments officer and recruiter. Robert was a Major General (two-star) in the U.S. Army and Chairman of the Department of Defense's Special Assignments Oversight Committee. As Chairman, Bakeson's position also awarded him the position of Deputy Director of DELPHI, as the Committee is simply the public/unrestricted face of the organization and the primary liaison to the government.

Robert was a native of Mississippi, spoke with a very thick Southern accent, and carried himself with a condescending attitude towards everyone about him. He was blatantly racist and sexist in the presence of lower-ranked officers, and had a fondness for Kentucky bourbon. Robert was, however, a consummate host, and had the appropriate and/or favored refreshments available for any scheduled guest.

Robert had no known powers. However, his position in the military allowed him access to procedures and treatments which could have given him powers at very potent levels.

For his personal protection, Robert wore a signet ring that could generate a very powerful forcefield sphere that expands out to five feet from his body. The sphere can last for up to thirty minutes. The field has inertial dampening properties, allowing him to survive falls from great heights, and is environmentally secure, allowing him to breathe inside the force-sphere.

Robert had a great loathing of Jim Vitale, which led him to send Armalin to assassinate him. However, he was himself apparently killed during this encounter by Priscilla Henry under orders from Paula Trainor as an expedient manner of dealing with problems arising from the reorganization of DELPHI assets and personnel into the newly-created United States Department of Extranormal Affairs. (His death was engineered as a very clever form of undiagnosed medical issues, as Henry used a telekinetic ability to weaken a blood vessel in Bakeson's brain, thus duplicating the cause and effect of a stroke.) It is also known that Bakeson was responsible for the creation of Therian Thirty, which was his entry into the Wizarding World without using DOMA contacts.

Alternate versions of Bakeson[edit]

In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe, Bakeson is shown to be very much alive and to have an interest in recruiting the Legion for his own purposes. He has also recruited Lynn Cullen as a special operative, and David Sorenson as an Agent of the Therian Thirty program to serve as his personal bodyguard. This General Bakeson died in the LLH 'Mini' Where Did Quinn Go?, Part One - Down The Rabbit Hole (although is is conceivable that he was murdered).

In the (possible?) alternate universe chronicled in The Other Side of Time, Bakeson is the DELPHI commander in charge of 'Reconstruction' - the plan the organization has to assist the Civil War-era U.S. Military (under Ulysses S. Grant) reunite the United States by amassing and equipping a large military force in order to force the Confederacy to capitulate. This includes the use of future-inspired weaponry made by craftsmen of the time - and the upcoming destruction of the Confederacy's capital by the use of a neutron bomb.

In the universe shown in A Little Vacation, Robert Nelson (and a group or Ringbearers) fought and killed that universe's version of Bakeson. However, it was mentioned that Bakeson, in his many dimensional variants, is considered to be a serious threat to any universe he is in.

In the universe shown in Apocalyptic Daria, Bakeson is the military governor in charge of the Second Military Section, which consists of the states North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. Due to a rise in secessionist movements in the wake of Black Saturday, Bakeson was forced to enact a draft in his section to combat them. At this time, it is unclear whether or not this version of Bakeson is a serious threat like his counterparts.