First seen in Behind Enemy Lines, Heather Tremont was a former network weather anchor and correspondent who was kidnapped six years before the events chronicled in the fic. An attractive forty-something woman with butter-blonde hair and large blue eyes, Heather had managed to survive over the years through a combination of carefully parceled sexual favors within the ranks of The Watched and by especially hard work, which earned her a spot within The Gardens. Very observant (as befitting her occupation), Heather learned very quickly to avoid eating Blue food bars, and somehow manages to avoid becoming pregnant during her time aboard The Habitat.

She inserted herself in Franklin Davers circle soon after his arrival, and was saved from being raped by Odell Jones by Franklin, who summarily executed him for his crime. Four months later, an especially tired Heather returned to the holding area with the rest of a large work detail after being forced to work for sixteen hours; she ate without paying attention to the bars she was consuming (the lights in the area had been reduced, as the Mantoids kept the humans on a 'daytime/nighttime' schedule for simplicity's sake) and didn't notice that all three of her food bars were blue.

That also happened to be the night that Charlotte Spearsman had arrived upon That Habitat and was placed in that holding area. With everyone in the area under the influence of the drugged food (that was the first time Franklin had consumed them; he wasn't yet aware of the effects), Heather ended up engaging in unrestrained sexual activities with Franklin, Anita, Charlotte and a Hindi woman named Chandi. The next day, mortally embarrassed by the previous night's events, Heather was the one who acted as the voice of reason. She would also become a form of surrogate 'mother' for Charlotte; she was the one who Charlotte first told about her pregnancy, and was the first to not only believe Franklin when he revealed his purpose aboard the space platform, but to accept his offer of becoming a Beta Nightbreed.

After returning to Earth, Heather is currently staying as a guest at the Davers estate with the new family. She is receiving psychiatric counseling to help her deal with her imprisonment and her acclimation into Earth society, and is considering a position with DELPHI in the Special Assignments Division. DELPHI is also formulating an appropriate re-integration strategy for Heather, so that she may attempt to re-enter her former life.