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Kelly is a student in Daria's class at Lawndale High. Her name can be seen on Timothy O'Neill's seating chart in "Cafe Disaffecto". She's got frizzy ginger hair and freckles, and an alternative look.

In the show[edit]

In "Cafe Disaffecto", the Melody Powers story got her so pumped up she got to her feet and punched the air.

Has some interest in acting, auditioning for The Canterbury Tales in "Fair Enough".

In "The Story of D", she hangs out with Burnout Girl (right), while in "Cafe Disaffecto" she pals around with Tania.

She watched Tommy Sherman's most fateful game, alongside her classmates Josh and "Shaggy"... all of them looking the same age as they would in sophomore class, indicating animation errors time travel.

In fanfiction[edit]

In The Excellent S's "Lawndale Fighting Championship", she's a developmental wrestler and her full name is Kelly Metcalf.

In Shiva's "Ethan Yeager in Lawndale", she's one of Josh's best friends. She was aware of his LGTB status prior to his relationship with Ethan, a bit flighty but has a good heart.