Aki Ward

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The Asian-American wife of Franklin Davers. Aki Ward was first mentioned in It's All About Respect and seen for the first time (albeit in flashback) in Behind Enemy Lines.

A Commander in the United States Navy, Aki is a fifth-generation American of Japanese descent and a third-generation graduate of the U.S. military academies, having herself graduated from Annapolis. Aki served for three years aboard a Perry-class frigate as a weapons officer before being recruited by DELPHI for the P.O.G.O. program, because of her (previously undiscovered) metahuman targeting ability, even over vast distances. This was revealed when Aki developed a reputation for guiding missiles to exact points of contact with accuracy measured in millimeters. After testing, it was discovered that she had the potential to be a sniper of horrifying accuracy (as well as being able to adapt her talent to any form of weapon - from ballistic missiles to blowgun darts - except melee weapons such as swords and knives).

She served as the sniper for P.O.G.O. Team Two, where she used a Gauss rifle and made several distinguished kills (including a shot on the Korean DMZ where she killed a North Korean colonel from just under two miles away, and a 'stun shot' on a PRC officer in Mongolia; the shot was from 1000 meters away, and in high wind). Later, she was transfered to P.O.G.O. Team Nine to serve as team leader. It was during her time in DELPHI that she met Franklin Davers, who she would later marry (despite the racist objections of Robert Bakeson, who had an irrational dislike of Asians. It was later revealed that Bakeson had actively worked to prevent Franklin from being promoted to the rank of Brigadier General because of his marriage.

It is later inferred (but not confirmed) that Aki died as a result of a fatal reaction to the Nightbreed solution. Franklin found out about this after his successful long-term recon mission to The Habitat, which escaped from with several prisoners, including Anita Isakson and Charlotte Spearsman, who was pregnant with Franklin's child.